Installation of a gas-piston power plant for the needs of the city of Irpin

In Ukraine, there is an urgent need for the development of distributed (or decentralized) electricity generation - a network of small power plants, with a capacity from several hundred kilowatts to several tens of megawatts, depending on the requirements of the power system.

The advantages of distributed electricity generation include, in particular, lower vulnerability in case of massive missile attacks – a damaged small power plant can be quickly replaced by another one. Shelling is impossible to disable a network of small energy facilities at the same time, as it can be done with large power plants and substations.

Recently, a small power plant was installed in the city of Irpin, which is an example of distributed energy generation. This is the first such project in Ukraine based on a municipality.

A boiler house will operate from this small power plant, providing heating services to 70% of Irpin residents. Also, critical infrastructure facilities of the city will be connected to the new power plant: schools, hospital, city council.

Source: Committee on energy and housing and communal services

Center Marc Bloch: “Saving energy, ensuring energy supply in the context of multiple crises”