ReHeatEast– Building local partnerships for reducing the fossil energy demand of district heating systems in the eastern Danube Region

District heating systems in the Eastern Danube Region face several common challenges to become financially and environmentally sustainable. These can be tackled through regional cooperation, by mapping and applying regional best practices.

Decreasing waste in district heating systems and integrating the renewable energy and waste heat into district heating systems, contributing to a greener, low-carbon Danube Region, is critical for environmental, societal, financial, macroeconomic and energy security reasons. In the current energy crisis and at the beginning of the new EU programming period, time is of the essence – implementation, tangible results are needed in the foreseeable future.

Tamara Burenko took part in the kick-off meeting ReHeatEast project in Zagreb. During next 2.5 years, 36 partners from 12 countries will work on new approaches for heat supply enterprises and municipalities.

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